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Capital Business Nexus - The Small Business Owner's Premier Business Directory - is excited to announce that its DIGITAL DIRECTORY SERVICE is now LIVE to visitors and business owners. Are you looking for additional outlets to showcase your business? Are you tired of paying for hit or miss social media ads? Well...we have a solution. We've created a digital space that lives within our own backyard...the small business community. guessed it. This online directory is comprised of businesses who are gaining substantial ground yet aren't the size of big box yet. Our digital platform provides solutions for our own community without the interference of big corporations who don't have a stake in our local communities. So here we are with our Capital Business Nexus. Our design boasts endless amounts of new features for customers and business owners. We have a member's interface where you can log in and change any details, add special promotions for your customers and much more! Continue to check back with us and feel free to browse through our features. We are constantly adding to our offerings to help boost your online real estate.

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